Thursday, January 19, 2017

Home Sewing Tips from the 1920s: Smart Treatments for Pleats

In this tip from the 1920s for home sewists, Ruth Wyeth Spears provides some tips for adding smart details to box pleats. As usual, she provides wonderful illustrations that leave no doubt as to how to implement the tips.

 I especially like the second tip on creating extended points of the box pleats. Do you have a favorite? Would you ever use these tips?


  1. Is there a book out there that has all these 1920s clothing patterns from Ruth? What is it called i really want to buy one

    1. Hello, Mello! Thanks for your question, but alas I have no happy answer. The book (it's really more of a booklet) I am using is out of print, and from the 1930s. And it seems to be a rare thing, too! Because of its rarity I have thought about self-publishing Ruth's tips, as I think there are a few of you among my readership who would be willing to purchase it. When I can find time to work on that, I will let you know!

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